Best Pediatric Optometrist in Las Vegas NV

Pediatric eye testing in Las Vegas NV

Best pediatric optometrist in Las Vegas NV

Best pediatric optometrist in Las Vegas NV

If you are looking for an expert pediatric optometrist who can provide your child with complete pediatric eye testing, you should visit us at our optometry practice, Glenn Roter, OD. Our best pediatric optometrist in Las Vegas NV, Dr. Glenn K. Roter, will be sure to give your child a thorough eye exam and provide your child with an eyeglass prescription, if necessary.

During our pediatric eye testing, our best pediatric optometrist in Las Vegas NV will check your child’s eyes for many different eye diseases and disorders during the eye exam. If your child has some type of vision problem, it is very important that it is found while your child is young, and the eyes are still developing. This will give our eye doctor the best chance of correcting your child’s vision, while he or she is still young and the problem can be most easily corrected. Amblyopia is a common vision problem that children experience; it is commonly referred to as lazy eye. In this eye condition, vision in one of the eyes is reduced because the eye and the brain do not work properly together. This condition affects about three out of every 100 children. It generally develops early in life during the critical period of visual development. If not corrected while your child is still young, problems with amblyopia can remain even as your child becomes an adult. If this is the case, your child may have permanently impaired vision. Another common vision problem connected with amblyopia is strabismus. Strabismus can cause what is known as crossed eyes in children. When a child has this condition, both eyes do not look toward the same object at the same time. When there is this type of vision problem, the brain can become confused and learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye. There are different treatments for strabismus which include wearing eyeglasses, patching the stronger eye, eye coordination exercises, and even eye surgery.

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