Emergency Eye Doctor in Tropicana

Eye trauma in Tropicana

Emergency eye doctor in Tropicana

Emergency eye doctor in Tropicana

If you ever experience eye trauma, you should make an appointment to immediately come in and see our optometrist at Glenn Roter, OD. Our emergency eye doctor in Tropicana, Dr. Glenn K. Roter, can provide you with complete emergency eye care.

Whenever you experience any type of eye trauma, it is important that the problem is addressed immediately. Small problems in the eye can quickly become larger ones if they are not addressed quickly. There are many different types of eye trauma that can occur including getting foreign objects in the eye, cuts and scratches to the eye, or having a black eye. People also can get chemicals in their eye which can cause burns. If you ever have any type of swelling, redness or pain in your eyes, it is important that you come in immediately to see our emergency eye doctor in Tropicana so that you do not suffer permanent vision loss. If you ever experience eye trauma, you should not attempt to treat the problem yourself. Do not rub or apply pressure to your eye, or try to remove a foreign object that is stuck in your eye. Never use tweezers or other tools to remove anything from your eye or put medications or ointments in your eye unless directed by an eye doctor. If you have suffered eye trauma, and there are contact lenses in your eye, do not remove the contact lenses as this can actually make your eye injury worse. The best way to treat any eye emergency is to contact our office for an immediate appointment. When you contact our office for an appointment, our office staff will let you know if there are any steps that should be taken immediately at home. You may be given instructions to flush your eye with water first, before coming to our office, if you have had a chemical burn.

Whenever you have any eye emergency, we hope you will contact our office, let them know the nature of your emergency, and you will receive an immediate appointment to see our emergency eye doctor in Tropicana.

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