Kids eyewear Spring Valley

Kids Eyewear Spring Valley

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Children’s eyewear in Spring Valley

Kids eyewear Spring Valley
Kids eyewear Spring Valley

Kids need vision care just as much as adults do, especially since a child’s eyes are still growing and developing throughout their young lives. Vision impairments like nearsightedness can easily occur in children, requiring the use of prescription lenses, but vision screenings and eye exams can also make sure that kids’ eyes are developing as they should be, too. Here with our eye doctor, Glenn Roter, OD, you child can benefit from the comprehensive eye care they need as well as choose from a wide selection of kids eyewear in Spring Valley.

​Like adults, kids should ideally have their vision checked about once a year. Vision impairments like nearsightedness are not uncommon in children, and treating even the mildest cases can have a huge impact on your child. Oftentimes, schools will conduct basic, run-of-the-mill vision screenings to tell whether kids need glasses or not, so it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with Glenn Roter, OD once a year or before the start of every school year. That way, your child can have the prescription lenses they need in order to get the most out of their classroom experience no matter what. Aside from keeping up with prescription needs and developmental concerns, kids with vision impairments need glasses that will suit them. Kids glasses not only need to look good and fit well so that your child feels confident while wearing them, but the kids eyewear in Spring Valley we carry also include options for features that make your child’s glasses safer. We also offer plenty of accessories for your child’s glasses as well, and we can provide repairs when glasses become damaged or broken.

It’s important for parents to make sure that their kids can always see clearly and that their eye health is in check. Get your kids eye care and kids eyewear in Spring Valley today with the help of our eye doctor Glenn Roter, OD.

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