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Tropicana Las Vegas Best Optometrist

Farsightedness in Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas best optometrist

Tropicana Las Vegas best optometrist

Farsightedness is when you see fine at a distance, but have difficulties focusing and seeing clearly with things that are up close. It is a condition that is very common, and one that is easily addressed with a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses from our Tropicana Las Vegas best optometrist, Dr. Glenn Roter.

What exactly is the cause of farsightedness, or what we clinically refer to as hyperopia? Light enters your eye through the cornea, and is directed to the retina at the back of your eye. If you’re seeing normally, it is because the shape of your cornea is as it should be. The result is that when light hits your retina, it is doing so at or very close to the center, as it is supposed to. Unfortunately, when your cornea is misshapen, light instead reaches the retina more toward the back instead of the center. One of the reasons that you can develop farsightedness is genetics. If one parent had it, you’re more likely to get it. And if both parents had it, that only increases the odds. Diabetic retinopathy, an eye disease that is possible when you have type one or type two diabetes, can also cause farsightedness. Very rarely, an eye tumor can be responsible for it. The most noticeable symptom is that your vision will be blurry when you attempt to look at things near to you. Our Tropicana Las Vegas best optometrist will do a thorough eye exam, recommended annually for all our valued patients, and through that diagnose farsightedness and find the ideal prescription to give you sharp and clear vision up close.

All you have to do is schedule an eye exam at our office. Call us and we will book you a time to come in and get a checkup from our Tropicana Las Vegas best optometrist.

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