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Advanced Vision Care in Spring Valley

Your eye health is an important part of your overall wellbeing, so it is imperative that you schedule routine exams and screenings to keep up with it. Your eyes and your eye health can be quite delicate, and any issues or complications regarding your eyes can easily lead to damage if left untreated. With the help of Spring Valley eye testing, you can be sure that you are always aware of any issues that you may have regarding your eyes and eye health. Our eye doctor Glenn Roter, OD uses advanced instruments such as the Reichert digital vision chart to ensure an accurate eye exam.

Medical experts and eye doctors alike recommend that patients of all kinds schedule routine exams with their eye doctors, optometrists or ophthalmologists. It is important that people stay on top of their eye health as well as their vision needs on a fairly regular basis. Patients who may have a family medical history of eye disease or patients who live with diabetes should be sure to schedule even more frequent visits with their eye doctor as they are at a higher risk for developing eye diseases. Eye diseases can be deceiving and often do not yield any noticeable symptoms to the person suffering from the condition during the earlier stages when treatment is preferable. Usually, the only way to determine whether someone has an eye disease or condition so early on is with the help of a complete eye screening conducted by a professional. Glenn Roter, OD can provide patients with completeĀ Spring Valley eye testing that does just that. With the help of advanced instruments such as the Reichert digital vision chart, Dr. Roter can ensure an accurate eye exam. Staying on top of your vision is important as well, as not wearing prescription lenses when you should or wearing an out of date prescription can lead to a series of uncomfortable side effects.

If you are in need of an eye exam, Glenn Roter, OD can provide you with theĀ Spring Valley eye testing that you need. Call us here at our offices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roter today.

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