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Glenn Roter, OD is your go-to Spring Valley eyeglass store for Nikon progressive lenses. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible vision care to our patients we make sure to stock our store with the best in possible lenses. We don’t just want our patients to see, we want them to see as good as possible. With modern technology afforded by modern optics, there are some special lenses that make for exciting possibilities for your eyesight.

Progressive Lenses Spring Valley

Progressive Lenses Spring Valley

Progressive lenses allow patients who need bifocals to have the benefits of two focal planes without the drastic change in the focal change of their glasses. Typically, bifocals will have a line across the lens. This line signifies the break in focal plane. The top, allows patients to see far away objects clearly, the bottom half of the lens, allows patients to see near objects clearly. With older lens technology this change in focal distance would be drastic and often times cause headaches when going back and forth too often, or too quickly. With progressive lenses this change is gradual and there is no line that cuts the eye in half. It makes the lenses look better and it allows patients to go back and forth between seeing far away and up close objects with significantly more ease.

Custom-made Nikon lenses available at our Spring Valley eyeglass store offer our patients an extra wide reading area with minimal distortion of the peripheral vision. Nikon, a superior and trusted brand in the world of optics and optic technology, offers with their progressive lenses, clear vision, lightweight lenses with reduced thickness for high prescriptions. When it comes to modern lenses, the Nikon progressive lenses are hard to beat.

Make an appointment to see us at Glenn Roter, OD, your local Spring Valley eyeglass store. We will make sure you leave our office looking and feeling great. We will answer all the lens questions you have and make sure you make the choice that is best for your lifestyle and your visual health. There is nothing more important to our expert and dedicated staff than the visual health of our patients.

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