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Serving Las Vegas, Spring Valley, and surrounding communities, Walmart Vision Center offers complete eye health and optometry services for every member of the family. From infants to teens to adults to seniors, our talented eye doctors have the experience to provide exceptional eye care services no matter how old you are or what visual ailments you have. Being the best eye care specialists in Las Vegas, we understand how much your eye health and appearance mean to you, which is why we not only offer eye care, but an entire optical department. Our optical department at Walmart Vision Center boasts the largest selection of fashion eyewear as well as the latest in lens technology.

Family Eye Care Spring Valley
Family Eye Care Spring Valley

While eyewear shopping is a lot of fun, especially when you have hundreds of eyeglass styles and frames to try on, the most important services we offer at Walmart Vision Center are comprehensive eye exams and eye health evaluations. You may think these simple and painless examinations are just standard protocol like your yearly physical, but they are incredibly important to establish proper eye and vision development.

Committing to routine eye health exams with Dr. Roter at Walmart Vision Center located on South Fort Apache Road is so important because many eye diseases and vision conditions can occur without visible warning signs. Your eyes rarely hurt when something is wrong, even though you have an eye disease that is causing damage to your eye sight. Early diagnosis for many eye diseases, like glaucoma and macular degeneration allows for a better chance at avoiding permanent vision loss and restoring your eye sight. Additionally, eye exam with Spring Valley family optometrist, Dr. Roter, is important to determine if your eyes are developing properly and if your require an update in your prescription. These may seem like insignificant problems, but yearly eye exams at Walmart Vision Center located near Spring Valley, Nevada can help you avoid eye strain, eye fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches.

Protect your family and make preventative eye exams at Walmart Vision Center a regular part of your routine health care!

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