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Sunglass shop in Las Vegas NV

Sunglass shop in Las Vegas NV

Everyone should have your eyes examined once a year, but there are still plenty of things you can do every single day to make sure that your eyes are properly protected and taken care of. You may not realize it, but wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyesight and your overall eye health. But in order to be effective, your sunglasses must be 100% UV protected. Getting the right sunglasses is important, especially for people who have prescription needs. If you are looking for any prescription sunglasses that are UV protected, then you can visit our sunglass shop in Las Vegas NV and visit Glenn Roter, OD.

In general, annual eye exams are recommended because they are vital when it comes to identifying even the early signs of disease. Eye diseases can be dangerous, especially since they can cause a great deal of damage to your eyesight. The sun can do a great deal of damage to your eyesight as well, which is why it is important that you wear sunglasses whenever it’s sunny outside. This applies no matter what time of year it is. Though the sun can do some more damage to your eyes as it can to your skin, it’s important that you take extra measures to protect your eyes all year round, not just during the summertime when you wear sunscreen. Usually, during colder months, your skin is protected by clothing and other things so sunscreen is unnecessary. But sunglasses are always useful and they can always help protect your vision. Not only can they protect them from damage but they can also protect them from glare which can temporarily blind you. With the help of our eye doctor, Glenn Roter, OD, you can get exams as well as prescription sunglasses here at our sunglass shop in Las Vegas NV.

It’s important that you realize with the sun can do to your health and how it can affect your eyesight as well. For prescription glasses of any kind, you can visit our sunglass shop in Las Vegas NV to see Glenn Roter, OD.

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