Sunglass shop in Spring Valley

Sunglass Shop in Spring Valley

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Prescription sunglasses in Spring Valley

There is no bad time of year for getting prescription sunglasses, which correct your vision, keep you safe from ultraviolet sun rays, block out glare, and enhance your appearance. You’ll get the attentive service you want here at the optometry practice of Glenn Roter, OD.

There are many instances where you need both improved vision and the type of protection that you get from sunglasses. Having to choose between them is not good. You might want to read a book while relaxing poolside, or playing softball, for just two examples. The most common circumstance, though, where this is true is when you’re driving, especially if corrective eyewear is a condition of your driver’s license. And even if you only need one at a time, switching back and forth is inconvenient. Come in to our sunglass shop in Spring Valley. If you have a current prescription for eyeglasses, defined as being less than a year old, we can simply put it into your new sunglasses. Otherwise, schedule an appointment to have an eye exam at our store. This will allow our eye doctor to determine the most appropriate prescription, and thereby giving you the sharpest and clearest vision of which you are capable. Since one of the major reasons that you may be visiting our sunglass shop in Spring Valley is to enjoy the stylishness of our prescription sunglasses, you’ll be assured to know that we maintain an inventory of various shapes and colors, all made by respected designer brands. These are recognizable names such as J-Lo, Sofia Loren, Randy Jackson, and Nikon. Maximum comfort can also be expected. We will make sure of it.

Why not book your eye exam with our office right now? This way, you will be able to take advantage of what our sunglass shop in Spring Valley has to offer, and do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

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