Tropicana bifocal lenses

Tropicana Bifocal Lenses

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Bifocal lenses in Tropicana

Tropicana bifocal lenses
Tropicana bifocal lenses

As people age, they generally need to get reading glasses in order to see clearly close up. At our optical practice, Glenn Roter, OD, our patients are able to get Tropicana bifocal lenses for both eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Many people do not like to be seen wearing reading glasses, because they feel it gives away information about their age. Reading glasses can also be inconvenient to use, as they need to be put on whenever you want to read something, or see something, close up. Tropicana bifocal lenses take care of this problem as they allow one lens to have two different lens prescriptions in them. Tropicana bifocal lenses come in several different types. Today, people are able to get multifocal contact lenses which have reading glass prescriptions built into them. These are extremely convenient to use. We also offer eyeglasses with traditional bifocal lenses. Many of our patients now prefer to get prescription eyeglasses with progressive lenses in them. Progressive lenses can have several different lens prescriptions in them, however, they do not have any lines of delineation. This means that the lens is perfectly smooth, and no one is able to tell that the lens has more than one lens prescription in it simply by looking at the lens. This means that you can benefit from the use of reading glasses, without actually having to wear them. All you need to do is glance downward, and your eyes will automatically see through the reading lens portion of the progressive lenses. Progressive lenses can be a bit more expensive than traditional bifocal lenses, however they do have several benefits. Progressive lenses not only look more attractive, but they also offer a larger field of vision since the lenses are smooth and continuous, and the eyes can glance through any portion of the lens to benefit from vision correction.

For an appointment to see our optometrist, Dr. Glenn Roter, for an eye exam and a prescription for Tropicana bifocal lenses, contact us today.

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